YMWCTO: Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

Posted: August 10, 2011 in books books books!
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Author: Jennifer Donnelly

Title: Revolution

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publication Date: October 2010

Number of Pages: 479

Geographical Setting:  Brooklyn, Paris and 19th Century Paris

Time Period: Modern Day and the 19th Century

Series: N/A

Plot Summary: Can reading the diary of someone you’ve never met be so connective that you feel transported to their world?  Andi has been bombarded by hard situations in her life: Dad left, Mom’s unable to deal and she lost her brother.  Rage and despair have begun to take over, and Andi’s about to be expelled from school.  Then, her father shows up and whisks her away to Paris for her winter break.  Two centuries earlier, Alexandrine is forced into living a life that’s anything BUT what she wants.  Then, late one night in some Parisian tombs, their realities become a little too similar.  Can Alexandrine really comfort Andi from 200 years earlier? Can Andi deal with living a life that’s Alexandrine’s?

Subject Headings: Grief, Diary, Dysfunctional Families, Musicians, Paris, France, French Revolution

Appeal: insightful, realistic, poetic, history-filled, suspenseful, sad

3 terms that best describe this book: Touching, personal, introspective


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